I have to be honest; the first time I heard this band was about two months ago. How I’d never heard of them before baffles me. This is the Cassady sisters (Sierra & Bianca) fourth record and it’s amazing. It’s a weird mix of drum n bass, delicate piano pieces, toy instruments, operatic harmonies and 1920’s style ditty’s. Their voices are so beautifully strange; like children’s voices at times, you can imagine them pouring out like smoke, it’s incredibly natural. The best way to describe this kind of album is to imagine pushing your way through the overgrown bushes at the bottom of your garden and finding a completely different world, a Cocorosie world. This world is completely different, a bit like Bjork, a bit like The Do and a bit like something else. Grey Oceans gives me goosebumps, listen to it with headphones in a dark room and you’ll find yourself completely slipping into the music. Smokey Taboo has a hint of the oriental sprinkled on it whereas Undertaker samples their Cherokee mother singing on tape, you can even hear the crackles and it just makes you stop everything you’re doing.

This could be the most lyrical collection of songs I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long while, as nowadays many bands just focus on the hook and the driving guitars. How they pulled these lyrics together in such a natural and ethereal way I can’t explain, just listen to this beautiful and beguiling record and you’ll understand.

Words: Laura Locks Geary-Griffin

Listen: COCOROSIE – Grey Oceans


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