In a month where The Maccabees released a new album that managed to sound exactly like the last three Coldplay albums, Lana Del Ray received her crown as Princess of The New Boring and Disney did this, the barren mediocrity of December looked like it would never end. But then suddenly all this good stuff came out and everything was fine again…

Album of the Month: Swod – Drei

Swod – Drei

An album of fractured beauty, held together with gorgeously looping pianos, and a glacial yet unmistakebly electronic pulse. This will help you through the remaining winter with its frost burnt hand and a hidden design to break your heart just because it can.

Other brilliant albums:

Chairlift – Something

Chairlift – Something

Although let down by a dragging final third, this is a mature and literate electro-pop album and much less of a hit and miss affair than their debut. Gorgeous vocals throughout and, within the opening three tracks, some of the best production you’ll hear this year.

Portico Quartet – Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet – Portico Quartet

Eschewing their jazzier past; this is a more contemplative, melodic affair. Beguiling and powerful in equal measure, this is graceful and grown up music.


Errors – Have Some Faith in Magic

Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic

Like the best computer game music you ever heard.

Also: There were also some pretty good albums from Islet, Django Django and First Aid Kit.

Coming up in February: You can look forward to: The Twilight Sad, Gotye, Blondes, Ladyhawke, The Shins and… uh… Ting Tings.

A cheap shot, but it’s late and I’m tired.


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