Everything was alright this month wasn’t it? I feel very little need to ruthlessly eviscerate anyone in the normally ill-willed introduction to the month’s best new releases. Not even Sheeran.

Record Store Day passed without disappointment and not too much violence. A regrouped and England bound Faith No More made the fifteen-year-old inside me ruin his pants a little bit. (I say ‘his’, they’re mine I suppose.) BBC’s The Voice was surreptitiously replaced with footage of the Khmer Rouge massacre and very few people noticed. Gotye exiled himself to a Nepalese cave and the world promptly stopped listening to his records. The Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE died. And Personal Jetpacks became an affordable reality. 

Perhaps I’m looking at April with slightly too rose tinted glasses.

Still, some of the best albums of the year came out this month; so gather round and hear tell of brilliant new music that is all but essential for your happiness, physical appearance, metabolism and under watch hygiene, from a man that doesn’t know how to use a semi-colon.

Album of the Month: Polica – Give You The Ghost

Spotify: POLIÇA – Give You The Ghost

Imagine if La Roux was fucking wonderful.

Hmm, I wonder if sometimes it’s best just to say nothing at all?

With a depth, and purpose, far exceeding their other electro based contemporaries. This is a thoroughly modern, surprising and emotional electronic album, that wears it’s heart, tears and loins on it’s sleeve.

La Roux has better hair though, one would assume.

Oberhofer – Time Capsules II

Grooveshark: http://tinyurl.com/cxhlju3

The word beguiling is bandied around so much in music journalism these days. I don’t know what the word means, and nor do I have the volition to move the cursor to the Google search box, inches away from where I’m currently typing, to check the definition. That’s because by listening to this album I feel I have already truly learnt the real meaning of the word beguiling.

A beguiling debut. (Not Beagling, that’s a different thing.)

I also don’t know the meaning of the word volition.

Or Beagling.

Death Grips – The Money Store

Spotify: Death Grips – The Money Store

A bit frightening, in all honesty. Like the older boys in school whose existence you’d try to block out because they just spent all their time smoking crack and wanking each other off without punishment from an equally intimidated faculty.

Depending on your education that simile may have had no effect on you. Let me try again; Like Pac-Man made a punk album, with the ghosts as his backing band and the white pills having the effect on them you’d almost certainly expect.

There, that’s better.

Still frightening, though.

And good too, obviously.

Probably should have mentioned that before.

Tigercats – Isle of Dogs’

Spotify: Tigercats – Isle of Dogs

Although Darren Hayman, Hefner and The Wave Pictures excelled at and subsequently dismantled the notion of indie-pop with very little effort, or even notable talent, Tigercats have added extremely gifted musicianship, some gorgeous guitars and bass, a gift for melody and an innate joy of music itself to the mix to create this heart melting debut.

Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe

Spotify: Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe

As hit and miss as her debut, but hey, I’m still listening to that record after four years, so it’ll no doubt find it’s legs in time.

Uh, yeah, it’s fine.

Best of the Year So Far Playlist –

Please click on the link below, it’s a Spotify playlist of the best 25 tracks of the first four months of 2012. It’s not shit or anything, I promise.

2012: The First Third

Snuggles. x


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