Where new music is discussed in a rather roundabout manner; that is in equal terms baffling and amateurish.

(And here’s some musical accompaniment for your browsing pleasure – The Best Tracks of May/June)

Album of the Month: Future of the Left – The Plot Against Common Sense

The first album I’ve listened to since I was a teenager where I’ve opened the inlay sleeve and fantatically read the lyrics of every single song. Christ this is good; as mental and voracious as Faith No More and as funny as Art Brut. They talk about modern Britain with a gloriously savage and satirical snap, that is more Douglas Adams or JG Ballad then any actual musical influence.

From time to time, when I need cheering up, I like to imagine a room where Future of the Left are locked in together with The View, The Enemy, Kasabian and, oh let’s see, The Pigeon Detectives, and it’s only Future of the Left who leave unharmed.

It’s the details in between that are my own private fancy.

Spotify: Future Of The Left – the plot against common sense


The Walkmen – Heaven

The most likaeable band on the planet have reached a plataeu of creativity; 2010’s Lisbon was the best of their career, and this is just as good. Quieter, more contemplative; yet somehow upbeat. The Walkmen are happy men. Don’t hate them for it. Just go round to their house for a cup of tea, a lovely chat about music & telly, and then at the end you’ll be rewarded for reigning in you enthusiasm for The Rat with a strong, manly, yet sensitive embrace.

‘Come back soon, you’re always welcome‘ they’ll say, and you’ll really want to, but you won’t, because that afternoon was so perfect you don’t want to ruin the memory with a further, possibly more awkward, stilted encounter.

You‘ll post them a link to a lolcat from time to time, and they might click the link underneath that says ‘like‘ and sometimes that’s enough.

Spotify: The Walkmen – Heaven


Gaggle – From the Mouth of the Cave

Better in theory than in practice. I like the album. I like their ethos. Going to see them live however is like watching a party for drama school undergraduates that you haven’t been invited to, through the windows of a halls of residence.

Anyway, you should probably get away from there, you specky perv.

Listen to the album though; it’s invigorating, has a satisfying rhythm throughout, great song structure, and is fittingly stirring.

Just never forget they are having way more fun than you.

Spotify: Gaggle – From The Mouth Of The Cave


Liars – WIXIW

Oh hey, Liars, what you got there, you hairy, lolloping malcontents?

A sex album.

Great. Who’s that for?

A genderless world of pansexual nymphs who gaze icily at the frost of a post-apoclyalyptic freeze, while stimulating themselves to multi-contextual, ever-cascading, shifts of tonality.

Right. Am I allowed to have sex to it?

We think we’ve already answered that question.

Spotify: Liars – WIXIW


Echo Lake – Wild Peace

Like if your Apple Mac became sentient, then just spent all day sighing.

Spotify: Echo Lake – Wild Peace



Boy – Mutual Friends

A retraction on the topic of my professed liking of Boy’s Mutual Friends:

An album I initially enjoyed, until the creeping realisation that this is exactly the sort of thing they play on Radio 2, and who would probably support Katie Melua at the O2, and soundtrack One Tree Hill, and the sickness, oh the sickness, it didn’t stop. It was black, pure despair, distilled bile. The very remnants of stomach lining and unfettered blandness…

This is a spiteless album, that contains lyrics like –

You should see my favorite people,
I walk on air whenever I’m with them,
They’re where the happiness begins.
I’m alright on my own, but with them I’m much better
They’re like diamonds, and diamonds are forever.

That’s why the girl at Rough Trade pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about.

Oh fuck, it’s all gone wrong.

Spotify: Boy – Mutual Friends


So until next month when I come back with some reviews of Norwegian Rape Metal – snuggles.



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