It’s September. Yeah, that’s right, ‘September’.

For people reading this in the future, the irony will be entirely lost on them as they’d be unaware this was published some time in late October. Well it’s their fault for coming to the party so late – You missed all the good booze (mambabajamba punch), we played five tracks off of the same Prince album in a row (Sign of the Times), you missed being introduced to Craig’s new girlfriend (reasonably attractive but licks own hands).
Where the devil were you?

For those entirely on board however, we continue our inexhaustible march towards the end of the year, and with it our final goal: a full 12 months worth of ‘Best of the Month’ reviews completed. We’re nearly there, guys. Nearly there.

“Hang on, where’s the March one?” You may ask. Well observed, my pedant friend. Well observed. Now have a biscuit and go away.

I didn’t do a March one okay, so back off. One good album came out in March and it was Grimes. Do you want a review of Grimes? Okay fine…

Grimes – Visions: It was the only good album to come out in March. You’ve already heard it. She was on Jools Holland. She was good. You’ve now heard the album between 8-10 times. You like it. You haven’t listened to it since April. There, done!

I feel like I’m just wasting your time now; talking more about an album that came out seven months ago then I have about any other album I’ve reviewed so far this year, in an introduction to a feature about September’s best music, published three weeks into October.

But hey, you didn’t come here for rationalism did you?
Or brevity apparently.

If you came earlier you’d have got Prince, cheese sticks and a damp hand shake.


Here are the best albums of September, soundtracked by the best tracks of the last few months right here on Spotify: 2012: July-Sept


Album of the Month: Hey Sholay – ((O))

Elegant and uplifting pop, made by a band who probably live just over the road from you.

That’s galling isn’t it? I even once heard you say “Nobody who lives just over the road from me could be that good at making music”.

What’s even more galling is they asked you to play bass with them a year ago and you said no. You didn’t like their hair. That would be bad enough but the exact same thing happened last year with the Dutch Uncles. They moved into the flat below, asked you to play keyboards, and again you said no. You didn’t like their inappropriate use of time signatures.

It also happened the year before that with Pete and the Pirates. You didn’t like their lyrics.

And again, years before that, with the Mystery Jets. You didn’t like their dad.

Spotify: Hey Sholay – ((O))


Jonathan Boulet – We Keep the Beat Found the Sound See the Need Start the Heart

Like being shaken awake by an 8 year-old.

It’s 6am, it’s cold, you’re very tired. However the 8 year-old has a friendly Australian accent, a cigarette in his mouth, two cans of lager in his hand – one for you, one for him – and he wants you to take him to Thorpe Park.

Spotify: Jonathan Boulet – We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart


David Byrne & St Vincent – Love This Giant

Brassy as fuck, zig-zagging wildly through pop convention until it finds a lovely spot in a highly tasteful garden party, populated with wildly stylish celebrities from the New York art world, and, most surprisingly of all, you. More than likely due to a clerical error or through pure dumb luck; here you are, wandering among the beautiful and highly literate like a feckless, doe-eyed fawn. The artistes at the party – Byrne and Vincent included – all pay attention to your naive ramblings. They politely keep conversation to simple, mainstream topics for your benefit and they even sound like they actually care about the toxoplasmosis your own cat infected you with last week. It’s bliss. The album ends.

Spotify: David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant


The xx – Coexist

There’s something comforting about The xx’s steadfast refusal to move on from their signature sound. Stubborn some might say. But hang on there, cynical one, before you start flinging around wild accusations like that, just listen… Hark, do you hear that? In track five? That’s a steel drum, that is.

Is that enough? Yes, it probably is.

Spotify: The xx – Coexist


Dinosaur Jr – I Bet on Sky

Please note that it would have been very easy for me to simply copy and paste the above review right here, but I didn’t. I’m better than that. Dinosaur Jr, however, are not. So here’s Dinosaur Jr’s 98th album; it sounds like all the others. Happily though it’s just as good as all the others too.

Just be grateful that J. Mascis and Lou Barlow get along fine nowadays, thereby giving hope to us all. Misanthropic misery-guts though we may be.

Spotify:  Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet On Sky


Grizzly Bear – Shields

There aren’t four more talented individuals making more urgent, heart-breaking and soulful music in a band today. This follows Veckatimest – easily 2009’s best album – with sincerity and invention beyond their years.

And so, unconventionally, this review of the month ends with a brief note of sincerity: Grizzle Bizzle. They fuck my shit up.

Spotify: Grizzly Bear – Shields


With other fantastic new albums by Efterklang and Cat Power this has been a good month for music. Possibly the best this year so far.

However, just in case you think things are going well and that, perhaps, all is right with the world. Just remember – this exists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySsbkLVuYOs

Sleep tight. x



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