Music needs the Summer off apparently.

Music’s been working so hard all year long and Music deserves a break. For two whole months. It’s okay though, Music left a few things to keep you going before it packed it’s  Cath Kidston wheeled suitcase and got in a taxi –

‘Call Me Maybe’; a new Owl City album; The Script with a new song featuring William (sic); oh look, here’s a new Elbow album, you like Elbow, you’ll like the new Elbow album if you like Elbow; and hey, you’ll be alright listening to ‘We Found a Love in a Hopeless Place’ for another summer won’t you? Yeah, there’s a good lad.

Anyway, Music will be back in September, and if you’re good, Music will bring you back some presents.

Have a good summer, and by the way; if you go in Music’s wardrobe, don’t borrow Music’s skinny black jeans, Music will need them when it gets back, and you’ll only stretch them out.


Fuck you, Music, I rooted around your wardrobe and I found a ratty, old Spar carrier-bag with a couple of goodies you didn’t want me to see. Plus some horrifying pornography. But first, the music!


Purity Ring – Shrines

What Alice Glass from Crystal Castles would sound like if she hadn’t grown up shoplifting Jim Beam and cutting herself with razors, instead discovering an enchanted forest on the doorstep of her childhood home in Toronto, and stumbling across a magical set of talking racoons at war with a greedy, millionaire aardvark.

She makes friends with the racoons, they tear the aardvark apart with their sharpened racoon teeth, they celebrate with Jim Beam and razor blades. It’s messed up, but at least she has friends now.

Lessons learnt: Friendship; Teamwork; Environmentalism.

Spotify: Purity Ring – Shrines


Cast of Cheers – Family

Bloc Party’s fourth album is released early, under a different title, a different name and with a complete change of line-up. No one is surprised that it’s much better than the last two Bloc Party albums.


Spotify: The Cast Of Cheers – Family 


Twin Shadow – Confess

Hey Twin Shadow, Paul Young called, he wants his middle-eights back! Amiright? Amiright? Zing!

Anyway, this is a moody, sexy album; good for late night roaming in a neon-lit city, soulless kerb-crawling, sullen getaway driving and kicking someone to death in an elevator.

Spotify: Twin Shadow – Confess


Dan Deacon – America

Fuck yeah!

This is wonderful. I’m not even going to write something stupid about it. Just envelop yourself in its epic loveliness.

Like an electronic ‘Illinoise’; just as heart-breaking, just as pretty, slightly less Mormony.

Spotify: Dan Deacon – America



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